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Why choose SieMatic?

We understand well that each one of our clients is unique. This is what drives us to build spaces that embody the individuality of our clients: their aspirations, needs, and lifestyles. We artfully curate each element for Filipino homes – for these are the places where life’s most precious stories come alive. Every kitchen ever made is of its own kind, and yet these spaces are always consistently and distinctively SieMatic. What binds these spaces together is a design language grounded on timeless elegance, balancing function and beauty. It is this very language that unmistakably defines the essence of a SieMatic.

Read on to see why no other kitchen brand can compare.


Adapting to your ever changing lifestyle

When you start planning your home, it’s not always possible to anticipate everything you need. This is why each SieMatic is designed to give you the freedom to arrange your interiors however you need them to be. With the MultiMatic System, you can be at ease knowing that you have storage space that can adapt to your needs. Along with the Multifunction track, you can freely – and easily – adjust the heights of your shelves within 16 mm increments. This level of precision and attention to detail is what you can rely on for years to come.


Enjoying your kitchen for many years ahead

Flexibility will be nothing without an enduring quality. Every SieMatic kitchen is designed to last you for years. With Red Dot Hinges, you can take comfort in knowing that your doors will not produce loud banging sounds and will continue to work even after years of use – as these hinges are tested to open and close doors 100,000 times, resulting in 25% longer service life than the European standard.

*European standard simulation of opening and closing doors is required for 80,000 times, of which is equivalent to 15 years of service life.


Effortlessly keeping your space clean

The kitchen is a cherished space where cooking and sharing meals with your loved ones take place, hence keeping the space hygienic is of utmost priority. Every SieMatic kitchen is equipped to make cleaning & upkeep easier and more manageable for you. Every SieMatic cabinet comes with a Dust Seal grooved into the edges of your cabinets and Rounded Corners at the back corners of your cabinet interior, helping you keep dust and grime away from your kitchen essentials – and maintaining the cleanliness of your space.


Caring for your kitchenware with ease

Aside from hygiene, making sure that your kitchen interiors are neatly organized for everyday use is equally significant. Every element in your kitchen, however delicate or mundane they may be, merits equal attention and care. With SieMatic GripDeck and Flock2Block, you can ensure that your kitchenware is resting exactly where it should be. These anti-slip mats are simple yet thoughtful ideas to keep your items organized, tidy, and ready for use.

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