At SieMatic, we build spaces tailored to the ideal life you want to create at home. These may be designed out of pure necessity at first, but they later transform into the heart of your most cherished memories – just as what we’ve seen in the past two decades delivering world-class kitchens in the Philippines.

Get to know stories of three homeowners who have lived and loved with SieMatic and see how their spaces harmoniously integrate to their lives. With each story, we hope to inspire you to craft a space that can accompany you in every stage of your life. Whether it’s building a forever home to grow old in, a kitchen where you can celebrate different milestones, or a space where you can foster memories with friends and family, SieMatic hopes to be your partner in transforming your spaces into your stories.


A space designed for

the love of entertaining

Dada loves nothing more than welcoming friends and family into her home. Her kitchen has become the heart of all her gatherings and was truly designed to be a space shared and enjoyed with her loved ones. Because of her passion for entertaining and expertise in the construction industry, she had meticulous standards for her kitchen that she found only SieMatic could meet.


A space for

every milestone

For the last twelve years, Happy Ongpauco’s SieMatic kitchen has witnessed significant milestones in her life. From the new recipes she developed for her restaurants, to the first meal she ever cooked for her kids, her SieMatic kitchen has been a reliable space for her to mark important moments, and it stands ready for many more milestones that have yet to come.


A space crafted for

timeless functionality

As a palliative care physician, Dr. Mae Corvera knew what to expect in the latter years of her life. She carefully designed her home to be as reliable and adaptable as possible for all stages of her life – a space built to last a lifetime. With SieMatic, she found just what she needed not only for her kitchen but also for her wardrobe, office, and living room.

Start crafting your
SieMatic space

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