The stunning view of Dada's kitchen from her lanai.

A space designed

for the love of entertaining

As the owner of 11-16 Construction, a thriving construction firm in Pampanga, Dada Beltran has a keen eye for design and detail. She knew exactly what she wanted and expected a certain level of refinement in the furniture she invested in – that's why she decided on SieMatic for the most important space in her home.

Embracing the culture she grew up in, cooking and entertaining for big groups has evolved into Dada's lifestyle. It was essential for her home to have a big kitchen so she can share her love of food and special moments with friends and family.

Watch how Dada Beltran’s lifestyle is reflected in her SieMatic space

Entertaining and cooking for her friends and family bring Dada so much joy that she consistently has visitors over for heartwarming feasts. Even while she’s away from home, guests continue to enjoy the delights of her kitchen as the doors are open for them anytime. Beyond food preparations, her SieMatic kitchen was intentionally designed to be a beautifully shared space that she enjoys with loved ones – including her four-legged friends.

The stunning view of Dada's kitchen from her lanai.

The stunning view of Dada's kitchen from her lanai.

The Kapampangan food culture is a celebration of rich and flavorful dishes that bring families together, as they share their love for cooking and other culinary traditions with each other. For Dada, growing up in such a colorful culture with a big family meant an even bigger kitchen. She's used to having many people in the kitchen – oftentimes, her nieces and nephews bake delicious treats as she's also preparing food for friends who can't wait to taste her cooking.

Besides ensuring there was ample space for simultaneous cooking, it was also essential for her to have plenty of room in the kitchen for her dogs to play and enjoy themselves. Dada's joy as a dog mom shines bright as she lovingly mothers her 19 dogs, who happily roam freely around her kitchen. Among them, Chupreme, her excitable chihuahua, often caught playfully scratching and biting at the edges of her cabinets. Despite the bustling activities in her kitchen, SieMatic stands steadfast, maintaining its unwavering stability and pristine condition in Dada's kitchen.

The stunning view of Dada's kitchen from her lanai.The stunning view of Dada's kitchen from her lanai.
The stunning view of Dada's kitchen from her lanai.
The stunning view of Dada's kitchen from her lanai.

Dada's playful dogs lounging in her kitchen

SieMatic has truly thought of everything, right down to the small details that usually go unnoticed. It's those thoughtful touches that make using my kitchen so much easier and more enjoyable.

With Dada's eye for quality and her passion for refinement, she held everything in her home to the highest standard. She knew precisely what she needed for her space, as she had meticulously considered every detail. Even before visiting the SieMatic showroom, she came prepared with a myriad of questions: “How can my stored items remain hygienic and protected from insects?” and “How can I prevent heavy items from clashing within the drawers?”

It was after she discovered the thoughtful features like Dust Seal and GripDeck that Dada became absolutely convinced that no other kitchen brand could match the level of detail she required. “If SieMatic thought about these small details, I was confident they thought about everything else,” she shares.

Discover the wonders of Dada's kitchen

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Dada with her usual kitchen companions; her husband, Tam, and the doggy duo, Wednesday and Chupreme.
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Exclusive SieMatic elements
in Dada’s home

Dust Seal

Dada finds great satisfaction in the minute yet practical Dust Seal. This protective seal not only guarantees the gentle closure of your cabinet doors, but also acts as a hygiene barrier against dust, odors, and pesky insects–  ensuring your stored items remain as clean and pristine as when you stored them.


Dada's kitchen is meticulously organized. With drawers lined with Flock2Block mats, her delicate items stay secure and neatly arranged, keeping everything in its rightful place.


Keeping her valuable pots and pans in pristine condition is a top priority for Dada. Her GripDeck lining mats hold an important role in preventing any clanging between items when she accesses her drawers.

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