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Happy Ongpauco-Tiu is an accomplished chef and restaurateur, renowned for her exceptional culinary talents and creative ventures with Happy Concept Group. Her passion for food doesn’t end there, as it is also seen at home when she cooks for her family. For the past twelve years, Happy’s SieMatic kitchen has been a witness to all her career wins and exciting moments with family. With every milestone she celebrates, from the recipes she creates for her restaurants to cooking her children's first meals, her kitchen remains steadfastly ready for the next milestone.

Watch how Happy’s SieMatic space celebrates her milestones

Happy’s home kitchen remains to be the center of her culinary experiments, even as a successful food and beverage entrepreneur. But these days, she also shares her love for cooking with her children. As her family got bigger, she had more use for her kitchen and despite all that it’s been through, it’s still the same functional kitchen that it was when it was first built.

Up until today, all her recipes were developed in the same SieMatic kitchen that she’s had ever since, and every dish to come out of it is still a testament to the love she puts into her cooking.

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Screenshots from Happy’s IG to show how she uses her space — from happy cooking with her kids, preparing themed family dinners, to celebrating special occasions with her loved ones.

Happy has specific standards for her kitchen. It’s where passion meets professionalism, and she envisioned a seamless flow that made perfect sense to her. Over the years, she has collected more kitchen tools and new ingredients that needed a place in her storage system. And with flexible cabinet interiors, she had no problem moving things around and making space for the new items she’s acquired.

As her career, family, and personal interests evolved with time, so did Happy’s needs in her kitchen. Thankfully, her kitchen easily adapted to all these changes. No additional elements were too challenging for her space, allowing Happy to focus on her culinary experiments without any compromise.

SieMatic has been part of the growth of my business as well as the growth of my family. From my first to my fourth child, I mean, SieMatic has been with me.

For over 12 years, Happy’s SieMatic kitchen has been a celebration of her career milestones and treasured family moments. Just like Happy’s unwavering dedication to her craft, SieMatic kitchens are designed to stand the test of time – allowing you more time to enjoy it and to make memories with loved ones.

Find happiness in Happy’s kitchen

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Happy in her kitchen where all her culinary milestones were made for the last 12 years.
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Exclusive SieMatic elements
in Happy’s home


As Happy spends more years in her kitchen, she inevitably gathers more tools and ingredients that require proper storage. With the MultiMatic, she can utliize the back of her cabinet doors and gain up to 30% more storage capacity for her additional items.

Aluminum Interior Accessories

With the help of the Aluminum Interior Accessories, Happy enjoys the luxury of an effortlessly adapting storage system. As her collection grows, she can rearrange her drawers as she pleases, maintaining a perfectly organized kitchen tailored to her evolving needs.

Customizable pull-out cabinets

Happy's kitchen becomes a model of organization with customizable pull-out cabinets, offering a dedicated space for every ingredient she uses. The ease of knowing everything is in its designated place ensures an easier and more enjoyable cooking experience.

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