The stunning view of Dada's kitchen from her lanai.

A space crafted for timeless functionality

Dr. Mae Corvera found purpose in giving specialized medical care to improve her patients’ quality of life as they go through different ailments. She also advocates for Palliative Care at the community level through The Ruth Foundation, an organization she founded to provide patients with holistic care, emphasizing on comfort and emotional well-being of patients and their families.

Through the patients she’s helped, Dr. Mae was inspired to do what she can to prepare for the future. She and her husband still have a lifetime of memories to make in their home and they wanted to ensure that their space will continue to be a source of comfort years from now. Every detail of their house was planned accordingly – keeping essential spaces accessible by using a ramp instead of stairs, and of course, choosing reliable and adaptable pieces such as SieMatic cabinets and drawers.

See how SieMatic helped future-proof Dr. Mae Corvera’s space

Dr. Mae and her husband were building a space designed to hold years of fond, unforgettable memories with their family and wanted nothing less than the most reliable elements in it. Having experienced a SieMatic kitchen for eight years in the last house they lived in, they were already aware of the brand’s unmatched quality and functionality. They knew right away that it was the perfect fit for their new home.

As this is the home we intend to grow old in, we knew we had to be very careful in choosing what would go in it. We didn’t want anything that would stop serving its purpose in just a few years' time.

The SieMatic kitchen was only the first step to their investment for their future. They also had SieMatic cabinets and drawers installed in three other areas: living room, wardrobe, and office. It wasn’t just functionality that they liked about it, but also the clean design that gave their spaces a seamless look.

As they prepare for their lives’ different transitions, Dr. Mae and her husband decided on elements that allowed flexible customization as needed. Living with SieMatic features in her home, she also realized that she could fit more accessories to her cabinets’ interiors. With the MultiMatic system feature, they can effortlessly rearrange and add extra organization space without fully replacing anything – ensuring that their cabinetry can adapt to their evolving needs for the years to come.

Step inside Dr. Mae Corvera’s forever home

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Dr. Mae in her SieMatic Kitchen that was designed to fit her changing lifestyle.
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Exclusive SieMatic elements
in Corvera’s home


The innovative MultiMatic system gives Dr. Corvera the versatility to easily arrange and rearrange her cabinet interiors to match her ever-evolving needs.  By adding provisions for accessories to the back of her cabinet doors, she can also store up to 30% more for utmost flexibility.

Multifunction Track

Every SieMatic cabinet comes with a Multifunction Track, granting Dr. Corvera effortless control over shelf height adjustments. Its fine 16mm increments ensures easy accommodation of items with varying heights – so she doesn’t give away a single centimeter of unused space.  

Soft Close Hinges

Dr. Mae takes comfort in the absence of loud banging doors in her space thanks to her cabinets’ silent and soft close hinges. These ensure smooth door closures and provides an extended service life of 25% beyond the European standard.

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